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22 Feb

Should I Update My Home Prior to Listing to Sell?

One common question we hear from homeowners is, “Should I update my home before listing it to sell, or reduce the price to allow the borrower to do it?”  My personal answer to this question is, “Do it!  You’ll get more for your home with it updated”.  Imagine previewing homes for yourself.  Would you lean more towards buying a home that all you have to do is unpack or one that you start with a list of updates you want or need to do?

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8 Feb

Lead Paint Basics

When buying or selling a home, this subject should arise.  If the home you’re buying or selling was built prior to 1978, this article is for you.  We will be referencing quotes from an article published by www.hud.gov and other trusted sources to help support the subject matter.

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24 Jan

Featured Business- Flip Flop Shops - Wilson

We’d like to draw your attention to a local business today, The Flip Flop Shops!

The Flip Flop Shops Mission

Flip Flop Shops brings the beach lifestyle to communities throughout North America. We exist to be the premier curator of beach, surf, and relaxation footwear. We work with 90+ brands to bring you the best footwear in the industry all in one easy to shop location.

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16 Jan

Is Selling Your Home Without Representation Worth The Risks??

We all want to save where we can, so we sometimes hear of people who skip listing with a professional real estate agent and sell their home on their own.  While sometimes this goes smoothly and works out for the seller, it can often cause more issues than the benefit of saving on the commission.  We would like to draw your attention to a few of the major risks in selling on your own (or even purchasing a home without an agent representing you).

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29 Dec

New Year, New Property!

As we end 2023 and look forward with hope into 2024, we want to thank all our customers for trusting us with your real estate needs.  We are passionate about what we do and love to help guide you through every step of your journey.  Interest rates have changed this past year, but we look forward optimistically to the possibility of improving change.

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11 Dec

Local Holiday Events

Are you looking for things to do for the holidays?  We found some local events and wanted to share them with you.  Some require pre-registration, so be sure to see if that is listed for the events of your interest!

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27 Nov

The Importance of Homeowner's Insurance

Today's guest blogger is local Farm Bureau Insurance Agent, Lori Thomas.  She discusses the importance of having home owner's insurance.  Let's see what she has to say!

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15 Nov

Local Hidden Treasures

I’ve lived in Wilson for most of my life.  I moved away for a few short years and can honestly say I missed this little town so badly!  I missed going to the grocery store and seeing 5 people I know (especially when you’re in your cozy sweats and no makeup, just making a quick run)!  There are several spots in Wilson that are my personal favorites.  If you’re new to the area, you may not have even heard of some of them yet.

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10 Nov

The Importance of Obtaining a Wood Destroying Insect Report

Sometimes we think we can cut a few corners when we are buying a house.  "It looks fine, I can skip that part".   Let's see what a local pest control expert has to say about the importance of obtaining a wood destroying insect report.

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8 Nov

Should I Wait Until Spring To List My House for Sale Now?

It is completely normal to feel reluctant to list your home for sale as the holidays approach.  Let's dive into an alternative mindset regarding that!

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3 Nov

Staging Your Home To Sell!

Most of us have heard that we need to stage our home to sell, but what does that really mean?  It doesn't have to mean spending a bunch of money to make it look magazine perfect.  Let's discuss a few basics that will make a huge impact!

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30 Oct

Guest Blogger- Why It's Still a Great Time to Buy Real Estate Despite Rising Interest Rates

In today's real estate market, many potential homebuyers are facing a common dilemma – the fear of rising interest rates. The specter of higher rates can seem daunting, but don't be quick to dismiss the idea of buying your dream home. In fact, there are several compelling reasons why now is still a great time to buy real estate, even with interest rates on the rise.

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25 Oct

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