February 22, 2024

Some minor ideas to make your home more competitive in the market are:

  1. Update your hardware.
  2. Purchase shiny, new appliances.
  3. Install updated and/or additional lighting.
  4. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls (and maybe the cabinets, too).  When painting, I always advise to pick neutral colors.  Light grays and light beige colors with white trim are always a good choice. 
  5. Get your carpet cleaned (replaced if needed).
  6. Freshen up/repair grouting.
  7. Curb appeal- fresh layer of mulch and planting a few flowers
  8. Pressure wash the outside.


 I wouldn’t go crazy spending tens of thousands of dollars to sell your home, but these basic updates can make the difference between someone choosing your house or another.


When buyers see a home they like, they start imagining themselves and their furniture in it.  When they first have to start thinking about all that needs done, it could overwhelm them.  They could end up making an offer, but they will be considering how much they think it will take to get it up to their standards- meaning you make less.  I vote for being proactive, taking the time to make these cosmetic updates, then market it to sell!